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Winter Wings Festival
is on now! and tomorrow! February 17-18th from 10am to 6pm. Two Rivers Art Gallery has two booths and are displaying approved artwork from our gallery to promote our Gallery and the Artist who decided to participate. We are having a great bunch of people stop by our booth and are very interested in the classes as well as the artwork that is being displayed. Thank you to all  our artists who participated. Stop in at our booth and enjoy all the booths there for your enjoyment. It is at the College Union at OIT. See you there! Below is some pictures of our booth.
Valentine's Dinner and Live Music Fundraiser for our Chiloquin Fire and Rescue....was a GREAT SUCCESS1

Two Rivers Art Gallery of Chiloquin Organized and Directed

A Successful Valentine's Dinner to help support 

The Chiloquin Fire and Rescue raising


The Dinner was a success and was even more successful then this Art Director, Judy Pate, could have imagined. Our goal was 100 people and we served up 100 plates, which includes complimentary meals, in a beautiful and romantic atmosphere filled with decorations. 

The meal was fantastic! The grilled Tri-Tip and Chicken Cordon Bleu dinners were served by Potbelly Cafe in Chiloquin. They did a wonderful job and volunteered not only their time but a good part of the food.  Thank you!

We had musical entertainment by Bob Pickle and Tom Delarosa, the "Thrown Together Band" led by Ken Jenson, and Debbie Ryan as our soloist. The people at the Dinner danced and had a great time visiting and enjoying the music. Thank you to all!

We had David Crockett, our resident professional photographer, taking pictures of all our beautiful couples, included in the price. His work has shown his expertise in the past and he continues to be there whenever we need him. Photos will be mailed to our couples/groups/individuals soon or picked up next week from our Gallery. Open: Tues - Sat, 11-4. Thank you David!

A beautiful centerpiece created by one of our Artists, Joanne Campbell, was donated for our raffle. The winner was Cecilia , a local resident of Chiloquin. 

The whole Valentine's Dinner was about many businesses and organizations partnering together to make the fundraising dinner possible. Two Rivers Art Gallery is a part of "Chiloquin Visions in Progress."  CVIP is a non-profit organization that is all about;

"creating a partnering relationship with everyone

in our Chiloquin community 

to help develop an even better tomorrow for Chiloquin."  

When it came to advertising we were able to advertise in the Herald and News, Chiloquin News, Sunny 107 and KFLS radio stations, and at many local businesses. You can find more pictures on our Gallery's new website: and our Facebook as well as our Artist's Facebooks. 

Thank you to all for helping us out with the advertising! 

The Gallery wants to also say, "Thank you" to: Chiloquin Christian Center, Train Mountain, Family Foods, CVIP, and Dave's Photography for their help.  And, our great team of firefighters, EMT's, and administrators, who helped sell tickets and be our servers for the evening. Thank you:

 Mike Cook, our Fire Chief, 

who is a great addition to our fire and rescue unit. 

A big thanks to our Gallery volunteers! It takes a team and we have a great one! If you would like to join us as a volunteer, we would gladly accept you into our fine group. You can call us at our Gallery at 541-783-3326 or a direct line to our Director, Judy Pate at 541-783-2428

Blessings and Protection Prayers to our Fire and Rescue! 

With newer equipment to save our lives they will be able to do an even greater job 

of rescuing us in our times of need. 


Heather Honeywell was one of our featured artists at our Featured Artist Show, November 12th of 2016. She is a talented artist with unique ideas. She actually uses acrylics to paint on wild turkey feathers and then frames them into show case boxes. Her pictures are realistic and attracts the attention of all who see them. She volunteers to do design our advertisements, rack cards, and business cards. She is the most dependable volunteer one could ever ask for and she is a welcomed talent at our Gallery. Thank you Heather! 
Come and see her unique artwork and just for the joy of having a one-of-a-kind artwork in your home, buy her artwork. She is one sweet artists and this Director considers her pure gold and a blessing!


Bill Gogo is an exceptional artist! His photography tops many of the artists we have seen in galleries all over this region. HIs quality is excellent and his ability to capture wildlife at unique times is unbelievable. Bill has has his work in National Geographic and has been among some of the top ten runner ups for national wildlife photography contest. We are honored to have his work in our gallery. 
Two Rivers Art Gallery was Featured in the Klamath Life Magazine!
Two Rivers Art Gallery was featured December 3, 2016 in the Harold and News in the Klamath Life Magazine. It was a great article about 3 pages long. Take a look on-line: HaroldandNews/ or search for it to easily find it. What a great write-up by Holly Dillemuth!
Our Fall Gallery Gala Party on September 16, from 6pm - 8pm, on a Friday night. We had about 60-80 people join the fun. There was a raffle having 16 prizes which were donations from our artists. There were three demonstrations from our artists: Ink and Alcohol by Bev Fairclo, Arranging Silk Flowers by Joanne Campbell, and Quilting Secrets and Fun Stories by Linda Wood. Everyone really enjoyed each demonstration and talked about them throughout the night. Our table of appetizers was the best; vegetables and chips with dips made from packaged spices sold at our Country Store, Costco muffins and meat balls, a cucumber and shrimp delicacy, crackers with cream cheese and taste tests from our jelly makers who sell their jellies at our Country Store, and more. I believe we feed our participants VERY well. Artists were available for the public to meet and ask about themselves and their artwork. The party was a great way for our artists to connect to potential customers and supporters. Some of our artists gave 10% off their work only during the Gala night. We are very happy about the turnout and feel everyone believed it was time well spent
 Here are some pictures which are worth a thousand words:
. www.Facebook/Two Rivers Art
Christmas Gallery Gala Party and Bazaar was on December 3, 2016. These young boys won one of our prizes from our raffle. This basket was filled with art supplies donated by our Gallery and Christy Dugger. They were two happy children! Congrats guys!Wink
Our Featured Artist Show, November 12, 2016 went great! The artists did a beautiful job displaying their art and we had a good turn-out. The artists were, Heather Honeywell, Marshall Curran, Bev Fairclo, Aurora Simpson, Billie Hagerman, Cynthia Walters.Glenda Monciardini, and Joanne Campbell. The artwork displayed included: Heather Honeywell's acrylic on wild turkey feathers, Marshall Curran sculptures, Bev Fairclo from jewelry and ink & alcohol abstracts, with brilliant colors that are vibrant, to gorgeous paintings, Aurora is our photographer printing  a variety of nice pictures on metals, Billie Hagerman is our artist who paints nostalgic paintings that brings back old memories to those who experienced them, Cynthia Walters enjoys painting Folk Art and is a master at it, Glenda does ink & alcohol on tiles with cute sayings and little cards to match, and Joanne Campbell does magic with silk flower arrangements.  What a success!
Joanne Campbell also won the Chiloquin Quilter's Quilt Raffle! There were 3,000 participants. The quilters donated $2,000 from their raffle to CVIP, (Chiloquin Visions in Progress) who runs the Community Center in Chiloquin, and Two Rivers Art Gallery; $700, where they reside every Thursday with many other quilters. They only kept enough money for materials to make another quilt for next year's raffle. 

The Chiloquin Quilters are a fun bunch and love to get together and sew all at the same time. My office is right across from them and I find myself letting out a big laugh once in a while as I overhear their conversations. What a joy they bring to our Gallery. Thank you ladies from the bottom of our hearts!!!! 
Joanne and many others had the pleasure of winning many prizes from our raffle. There were 16 donated artworks from our artists to win. It was a great time of teasing one another with light-hearted comments among friends. Thank you artists for your gracious gifts!
Judy Pate, Director of our Gallery, and Bill Wilkins, President of the CVIP Board, enjoy talking to one of the participants during the Fall Gallery Gala Party 2016