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TWO RIVERS ART GALLERY is a direct project of Chiloquin Visions in Progress since 2004 when the Community Center opened. But they've been a part of the community much longer than that.

In September 1995 Chiloquin resident Ginny Jayne sent out a letter; she was interested in getting a community art shop started – a place where local artists could get together to work on their art and share their ideas. There were other artists with the same dream and working towards a similar goal.  By the spring of 1996 an organization had been born, named Two Rivers Village Arts, and was open for business.

Over the years the organization has grown and evolved, but has never moved from its roots as a venue for local artists.  We owe a big vote of thanks to the founders of our organization and those early members who persevered and did the hard work to get our gallery up and running. The Gallery participated with CVIP and Friends of the Chiloquin Library in raising funds to build the Chiloquin Community Center, with purpose-built space for our gallery and workrooms. Since 2004, when the Center opened, we have enjoyed this wonderful venue and built our reputation for providing a showcase for our local artists.

Currently our Gallery has over 67 artists representing varied arts and crafts, and 22 volunteers who staff the gallery. We are entirely volunteer-run, and our enthusiastic team provides vital support in operating the gallery, planning special events and classes, and serving our community artists.

Get involved--it’s a great way to become active in your art community, make friends, network, hone your current skills, learn new ones and build your professional resume. We welcome inquiries from new artists and from others who are interested in supporting this unique Chiloquin organization.

The gallery mission is to promote good will within the community and to cultivate the quality of life by enhancing and contributing to community development through the arts. As a member of a non-profit corporation, our gallery is dedicated to developing and expanding the marketing, education and networking opportunities for individual artists, craftsmen, and crafts businesses in the region.

You will find lots of great information in the 2 Rivers Gallery and Gifts section of this site, or at the Gallery's website: