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Community Center Use and Conduct: Chiloquin Visions In Progress adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy in all our business. All facilities at the Chiloquin Community Center are offered for use to the public without regard toward race, religion, gender, age, nationality, culture or social standing. 

However, CVIP reserves the right to refuse use of any Community Center facilities to individuals or groups whose activities or purpose conflict with CVIP’s mission and goals. Additionally, illegal activities will not be tolerated at the Community Center. Any known illegal conduct at the Community Center will be reported to authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Possession or use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited on Community Center premises. 

Unauthorized use of alcohol is strictly prohibited on Community Center premises. Renters who wish to serve alcohol at a scheduled event must obtain and complete a Community Center Alcohol Request Form to be included with the Reservation Form. Individuals who obviously appear intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises. 

The Community Center is a tobacco free facility. Smoking and other uses of tobacco are not permitted on Community Center premises. 

All children under the age of 10 must be attended by an adult while at the Community Center. For the purpose of this policy, attended means a child 5 years and under who is accompanied and monitored by a responsible adult or a child from 6 to 10 years with a responsible adult in the building. 

Room Rental Rates: The Community Center offers the Community Room and Conference Room for rent to the public for private and public events. Rental rates are listed below:

Community Room:
Up to 4 hours: $60
4 to 8 hours: $120
Over 8 hours (in a single day): $180
A refundable $50 Deposit is required.

Includes use of the kitchen.

 Conference Room:

Up to 4 hours: $30
4 to 8 hours: $60
Over 8 hours (in a single day): $90
A refundable $50 Deposit is required.

Does NOT include use of the kitchen.

Rental Procedure: Renters must complete a Reservation Form and submit the appropriate payment, including deposit to complete a firm reservation and obtain a room key. A Reservation Form can be obtained by clicking on any of the numerous links provided on this website, or in person at the CVIP office in the Community Center. Once a Reservation Form is received with the minimum payment that date and time is firm and will not be changed except by the reservation holder.


Individuals or groups interested in renting a room at the Community Center can check for availability by checking the Community Room Calendar and the Conference Room Calendar on this website, or by calling or visiting the CVIP office in the Community Center. A date and time is available if there is no firm reservation already booked.


If the date and time is available you may make a Date Request to let us know you want that date, and we will get your contact information and “pencil you in” on the calendar. A Date Request can be made in person, by phone or by using the Date Request Form beneath the Room Calendars on this website. Being “penciled-in” does not prevent other inquiries. If we receive another inquiry about that same date and time, that may be penciled in as well. If this happens we will work with both parties to try to resolve the conflict. If no agreement can be made between the parties the date and time will be awarded to the one who submits a Reservation Form and minimum payment first. All rentals are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


Individuals and groups may use a single Reservation Form to reserve a room for a multi-day event or for on-going, regularly-scheduled events such as monthly meetings. For multi-day events, full payment for all dates is required before the key is issued and the event may proceed. For on-going and regularly-scheduled events such as monthly meetings full payment must be made in advance for a scheduled period, up to a year. Long-running events may be renewed regularly with no risk of losing the date between renewals as long as payment is made before the next regularly-scheduled event. A key may be issued for the duration of an on-going event.


Renters who have paid for their reservation and arrive to pick up the room key will be briefed on their unlocking, locking, storage, cleaning and security responsibilities at that time. An inventory of equipment and property will be made. As soon as possible after an event CVIP will inspect the rented facilities, including another inventory. Renters may be asked to come to the Community Center to review and discuss any unsatisfactory findings. Any applicable renter liability will be determined during this inspection.


Security and Cleaning Deposit: A Deposit of $50 is required for all rentals at the Community Center and is held as security against loss or damage resulting from the rental. Any costs incurred by Chiloquin Visions In Progress as a result of a rental, including damage to facilities, loss or damage of property or equipment, and costs incurred as a result of loss of a key will be deducted from the deposit. Deposits will also be applied toward the cost of cleaning if facilities are not adequately cleaned after rental. Decisions about loss of deposit are made solely by Chiloquin Visions In Progress and are not negotiable. All determinations are final. Any portion of the deposit due to the renter will be returned upon satisfaction of all requirements, including return of the key.


Payment of Fees and Deposit: At least half of the complete balance due, including the $50 deposit, is required to complete a firm reservation. The remainder is required to be paid in full before a key is issued and the event can proceed. Payment may be mailed or made in person at the Community Center. Following the event, any deposit balance due to the renter will be refunded upon return of the key.


Keys: Keys are to be picked up in person no later than one business day before the rental date. Renters must return the key within two business days following their event. Keys must be returned before the Deposit will be refunded.


Cancellations: If seven (7) days or more notice is given, 100% of all fees paid (including deposit) will be refunded. If less than seven (7) days notice is provided, 75% of fees paid will be refunded, up until one full business day before the scheduled event. Less than one business day notice of cancellation will result in forfeit of all fees paid.


Care and Use of Facilities: Tables, chairs and limited audio/visual equipment are made available for use to renters at no additional charge. Renters are responsible for their own preparation, set up and take down for their events. All tables, chairs and equipment used by renters must be returned to their proper storage by the renter following the event. Proper storage of Community Center property is a consideration for Deposit refund.


Renters are responsible for reasonable care of the facility and furnishings. Renters will be held liable for damage or loss. If the cost of such damage or loss exceeds the $50 Deposit the renter will remain liable for the balance.


Renters are responsible for complete cleaning after their event. Cleaning equipment, materials and trash bags are provided. All trash must be removed and the trash cans cleaned if required. If kitchen facilities are used they must also be cleaned, including the sinks, stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator.


There must be a supervising adult in charge and present at all times whenever a group of minors use the facility.


Rented use of the Community Center shall not continue past 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and 11:00 p.m. on weekends without written permission. Music and noise must be kept to a reasonable and respectful level.


Occupancy limits set by the Fire Marshal shall be followed and all fire safety precautions strictly adhered to.


Renters may be asked to submit a certificate of liability insurance. (Some insurance companies sell one-day insurance for events.)